Script Convert-ExcelSerialdate

When converting an Excel sheet, containing a column with dates, to a CSV file, the column in the CSV file contains nummeric values instead of date values. These numeric values are Serial dateformated values, used internal by Excel to calculate the date.

More info: Link

I wrote a Powershell function to convert the Excle serial date to a .Net date object:

Example code



Kef PSW2000 Subwoofer problem

Since a month I have a problem with my Kef PSW2000 sub-woofer. When the sub-woofer is on power is making a funny noise, a buzzing sound. The sound is originating from the back of the case.
I started searching om google for a solution to this problem. When I came across some forums, I found a site completely dedicated to problems with the Kef sub-woofers.

Update: I fixed my PSW-2000 last Saturday!!!! happy subwoofing.


Batch file: CheckIMAService



10 Xendesktop misstakes

Starting May, the Citrix Lead Architect for Worldwide Consulting Solutions Daniel Feller published a series of posts about the top 10 mistakes that can be done when implementing a desktop virtualization solution.

The last one was published earlier today, so here’s the complete list:

  1. Misconfiguration of storage
  2. Using VDI Defaults
  3. Not spending your cache wisely
  4. Not Optimizing the Desktop Image
  5. Managing the incoming storm
  6. Protection from Anti-Virus
  7. Improper Resource Allocation
  8. Lack of Application Virtualization Strategy
  9. Not considering the user profile
  10. Not calculating user bandwidth requirements

Update: Also as PDF:

[download id=”9″]