Ivanti Workspace control and CustomAppModelID

As stated in DOC-63186, since Windows 8 (eg. Windows 8, 8.1 and 10) the Start Menu displays only 1 shortcut for each executable. In an IWC configuration there are a lot of application objects that contains an identical “Command line” but perform a different action by altering the “Parameters” configuration.

Examples of these commonly used applications are:

  • iexplore.exe <url>
  • mstsc.exe <path to .rdp file>
  • explorer.exe<path>

This, default behavior, is contolled by AppUserModeliD.

IWC can control / adjust the AppUserModeliD by placing a “CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml” in the root of the custom resources.
The layout of and the use of this file is explained in DOC-63186.

To ease the creation of this XML file, I created a Powershell Script. The script will take an Application Building Block (single file export of only the application node) as the input and will generate a CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml” . By adjusting a variable $strExe in the script a “CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml” can be generated for those application objects with this .exe in the command line.

In the first part of the script, an object is created ($obApps), containing the properties needed for the output ().

In the second part of the script the object $objApps is formated and writen as a xml file ($sPathToXML).

With running the script for multiple exe’s and combining the xml results, a complete “CustomAppUserModeliDs.xml” can be created for use within IWC.

The complete Powershell script can be download here:

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