User Notifications with RESONE Workspace

My former co-worker Marcel Venema has written an article “Sending User Notifications with RESONE Workspace“. In his solution, a script is used to display the user notification.

To display a simple notification balloon, the executable of the “Windows log-on reminder” can be used:

wlrmdr.exe -s <time> 

-s <time> Time to show notification in milliseconds. Use 0 to display the notification without timeout.
 -f <x>  One or more of the following values that indicate an icon to display in the notification.

0x00000000 = Do not display an icon.
0x00000001 = Display an information icon.
0x00000002 = Display a warning icon.
0x00000003 = Display an error icon.
0x00000004 = Icon of keys.
0x00000010 = Do not play the associated sound.

x is decimal. To display an information icon without sound = 0x01 + 0x10 = 0x11 = 17 decimal

 -t <title>  Text first Line
 -m <text>  Text second Line

Use this command line in an execute command or use it in application object.

Command line examples:

wlrmdr.exe -s 0 -f 1 -t Tile -m text

Notification ballon with information icon.

wlrmdr.exe -s 0 -f 4 -t Tile -m text

Update 09-03-2018:

A powershell script to manage Balloons.

Want to become a Windows 10 Toast/Balloon expert – With or without Microsoft Intune


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