RES Workspace Manager “Installation on demand”

In a RES Workspace Manager environment it is easy to present an application to an end user (Identity).

Most of the time, the challence is to install the application on the Laptop / Desktop. There needs to be consistency between the application delivered and installed on the machine of the end user.

By integrating RES AM (for installation of the application) in RES WM (for delivering the application), in case the application is not pressent when started, it can be installed.

In this example the application “Skype” is used.

RES AM Integration

To integrate RES AM in RES WM, go in the WM Console to menu Setup -> RES Software -> RES Automation Manager…



Select “RES Automation Manager” integration. In the “Dispatcher dectection” settings, select“Autodetect” or choose “User dispatcher address list” and add a Dispatcher.
To choose a RES AM environment, Click “…” and select the name of the AM environment.

Choose “authentication” the way that you have enough rights within RES AM(Read on Modules and Projects) with the account you are logged in in the RES WM console. To find out if you can access RES AM, click “Test Now…”. When correct you will see the Modules/projects from RES AM.

RES AM Installation module

In RES AM a Module needs to be created to acctualy install the application.



In this example, a “Windows Installer Package” Task I configured, in the “Install – Skype” Module. This task performs a “Silent” installation of the “skypesetup.msi”. Additional configuration, for the application on the machine, can be added to the module.

RES WM Application

To add the RES AM module to a RES WM application, open the application and add an “Automation task” action at “Configuration” of the application object.



At the “Automation task” select “Task” and select the RES AM installation module for the application.




Enter at “Custom status message” a message, which will be shown to the end user, when the RES AM module is started by RES WM. Default, the option “Skip if applicatie executable was found” is checked, this is the trigger for RES WM to initiate the RES AM task. Select “Wait for task to finish before continuing” to postpone the start of the application until the RES AM task has finished. When this option is not selected, RES WM will present an error message, “Can’t start application”, because the installtion task hasn’t finished. With the option “Run Once” -> User, you can prevent that an application is installed on different devices.

RES WM Application start

When the end user starts the application for the first time, a message appears at the lower right of the screen. When the installattion is finished the application will be launched. When the installation takes some time, the end user can click on “Dismiss and notify me when done”, RES WM will notify the end user when the installation is done and the application can be used.

Install-skype-ws-01    Install-skype-ws-02


With this integration of RES AM in RES WM, an application can be easily, on demand, deployed to an end user device. By doing so an initial deployment of an end user device can contain less software.



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