Display Logon Message with RES Workspace manager

In the case of implementing changes to your RES Workspace Manager 2012 and higher (RES WM) Environment, you need to inform your users what is changing for them.

You can publish a message on your Intranet or send a mail to your end users, but you won’t know that the message is read by your end users. A more direct way is prompting the end user with a message box, containing the information you want them to know.

To show a message from RES WM, an Application Object can be created to display a HTML page (iexplore.exe with parameter) or PDF (arcoread.exe with paramter) and set it to “Voluntary” Autostart (so the end user can disable the message). This way of showing a message is easy to manage, but when we want to reuse this application object to display a new message, there isn’t a way to at it to the start up (Mandatory is no option, message will be shown at every logon).

To extend the functionality of RES WM, I created a Powershell script / function to display a message box, which will show a Ritch text file (.rtf). The Message (path to RTF file), title, width and height are parameters for the function.


The function to show this message is entered in an “Execute command” object. The file, containing the message to show, is also stored as custom resource. (\Messages\*.rtf).


Parameters to the “Display-RTFFile” function:

-sPathRTF <string> : used to supply the path to the RTF file to display, is Mandatory, no default.

-sTitle <string> : used to change the caption of the Message, default is “Message”.

-iHeight <pixels> : used to set the Height of the Message, default is “400”

-iWidth <pixels> : used to set the Width of the Message, default is “500”

To show this message before the user logs in, select:

  • Run Task: At logon after other actions.
  • Select “Wait for task to finish before continuing”

To show this message once to a user, Select “Run once” , “Per user”.

To resuse this function, Select “Run once: Clear history”.


The script file, containing the function is placed as a custom resource (\Script\Display-RTFFile.ps1)


UPDATE 01-10-2014: When using this script, the Message box was sometimes hidden behind the RES splash screen. This issue is solved by specifying the property TopMost = $True (Line 91) to the form displayed.


Download script:

2.2 KiB

7 thoughts on “Display Logon Message with RES Workspace manager

  1. Hi Rene, this is an interesting approach,
    However as WM has the built in notification option on managed apps, I’d like to understand the advantage of your approach?

    Normally to achieve what I believe to the same result, I’d create an empty managed app in WM, set it to hidden+no notify+autolaunch under properties|settings, then add a notification (which also supports rich-text and links). That way I get the run-once as well, access control on the app as to who gets the message and also it will work on a refresh too.

    Just my two cents,
    /Max Ranzau

  2. Max,

    I played with an application object to show a message. This solution has one disadvantage, the timer of 60 seconds on the message box. The message will automatically disappear (no option to disable this timer). Therefore I will not know if the end user has seen and read the message.

    In my solution, the message is shown before the session is ready, and the end user has to press OK to continue the logon process. Now I know that the end user had at least seen the message, still not sure if it’s read.

    Thanks for reading my Blog.

  3. Ik krijg het niet aan de praat? Kunt u mij helpen waar het fout gaat.

    I don’t get it to work? Can you help me where is goes wrong.

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