Running “XA65_Inventory_V31.PS1” with a non English version of office.

When running Carl’s exelent “XA65_inventory_V31.PS1” script I encountered an error.


It appears, when running the script with an non English installation of Office / Word 2010 (in my case Dutch) the script will fail.

With the localized version of Office, Microsoft has  also localized the names of the Templates and the names of the styles within these templates.

What needs to be achieved is getting the English templates available in Office / Word 2010.

This can be done by installing the “Microsoft Office Single Language Pack – English”  Office 2010 Proofing tools English.exe. This language pack can be obtained (paid) by Microsoft:

Office Language installer 01Office Language installer 02

When the installer is finished, (re-)start Word and go to Options, Language. (These menu items are still represented in your initial language).

Choose “editing Languages” “English (U.S.)” and set as Default.

Office Language settings 01

Choose “Display and help languages” “English” and make this choice Default.

Office Language settings 02

When clicking “OK” you are asked to restart Office (Word) (when this doesn’t work logoff and back on again).

Office Language settings 03

When Word is started the English language will be shown.

Word 2010 EN 01

Also the “Styles” are changed to “Normal”, “Heading 1” …

Word 2010 EN 02

When running the script no errors are shown, now all the object of Word can be created.

Note: When starting Word for the first time, in the profile folder of the current user, a sub-folder “1033” in  “%AppData%MicrosoftDocument Building Blocks” will be created.  “1033” is the language code for English – United States.