HP Scanjet 5370C Vista Support

When upgrading to windows Vista I found out that my, USB connected, HP Scanjet 5370C scanner isn’t supported by windows Vista anymore.

After google-ing this issue, I found a post from ‘Frank’ with a working solution.

Goto http://www.hamrick.com/, download the trail version of Vuescan. Install this program. Open device manager, select the HP Scanjet device and update the driver. When asked for a location, point to the install folder of Vuescan (eg c:Vuescan) and the driver is installed. You can test the scanner with the trail of vuescan.

4 thoughts on “HP Scanjet 5370C Vista Support

  1. To the person who posted the above information…THANKS! My scanner became a flower pot until I read this post. To hell with HP. They think they can jam this down our throats like Microsoft does. Well, they are wrong. Thanks again.

  2. If you install the Vuescan program there is no need for an aditional driver. There is a generic driver included with th e install of the program.

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