Running “XA65_Inventory_V31.PS1″ with a non English version of office.

When running Carl’s exelent “XA65_inventory_V31.PS1” script I encountered an error. It appears, when running the script with an non English installation of Office / Word 2010 (in my case Dutch) the script will fail. With the localized version of Office, Microsoft has  also localized the names of [...]

Powershell Add-PSSnapin slow in RES Automation Manager

When I tried to schedule an simple PowerShell script [See script below], as a module in RES Automation Manager 2012 on a Windows 2008R2 machine, the task took a very long time to finish (+/- 2 min.) Note: Script disables the logon to a XenApp server. When I opened a PowerShell console on the [...]

Script Convert-ExcelSerialdate

When converting an Excel sheet, containing a column with dates, to a CSV file, the column in the CSV file contains nummeric values instead of date values. These numeric values are Serial dateformated values, used internal by Excel to calculate the date. More info: Link I wrote a Powershell function [...]

New AD CMDLets

Quest has released (18 Juni) a new version of their AD CMDLets for Powershell. See the blog post for more info.

Use R2′s PowerShell Tools and New AD GUI on 2003

From  Mark Minasi’s website: For an “R2,” Server 2008 R2 delivered a fairly impressive list of new goodies for Active Directory (AD) techies.  One of the most important of those goodies was Active Directory’s new support of PowerShell scripting, in combination with 73 new AD-related [...]
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