Running “XA65_Inventory_V31.PS1″ with a non English version of office.

When running Carl’s exelent “XA65_inventory_V31.PS1” script I encountered an error. It appears, when running the script with an non English installation of Office / Word 2010 (in my case Dutch) the script will fail. With the localized version of Office, Microsoft has  also localized the names [...]

RES Certified Professional 2012

Just received my updated RES Certified Professional 2012 certificate.

Powershell Add-PSSnapin slow in RES Automation Manager

When I tried to schedule an simple PowerShell script [See script below], as a module in RES Automation Manager 2012 on a Windows 2008R2 machine, the task took a very long time to finish (+/- 2 min.) Note: Script disables the logon to a XenApp server. When I opened a PowerShell console on th [...]

Delete multiple XenServer orphan SR’s

When a Citrix XenServer, member of a Resource Pool, is reinstalled the local storage repositories (Local storage, DVD drive) are left in the resource pool as orphans. In XenCenter, below a Resource Pool, these SR’s are marked with a red bullet. When there are a few of these orphaned SR, you can [...]

Res Certified Professional

Just received “Res Certified Professional”
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